Getting to Know Warren Alumbaugh

Warren Alumbaugh (Aldersgate Board Member)

Many know of me and I of you at least in passing as my family and I have attended Aldersgate for some 20 years or so now.  Was born in Hutchinson, KS, moved to Raytown in ’69 (this explains much) and now we reside at our current Lee’s Summit location since ’92.

As most of you know, and frequently remind me, Shelly is my better half.  Kyle and Bree are in their 30’s now, and I have one Grandson, Walter Dean Alumbaugh and I truly believe he has and will make this world a better place…Just look at him.

I’ve been part of a family owned small business since 1984 so I’m not afraid to make a decision.  Will also offer an opinion just ask me, and equally important my parents taught me to respect others opinions.

To give you further insight I believe life’s not always fair.  I believe some things are worth fighting for, however, most of what we fight over isn’t.  I believe in the United Methodist Church, born and raised IUB / Methodist… ironically I don’t believe Methodists are always “United,” that’s why we are Methodist. I believe no one is perfect, but my wife Shelly is pretty darn close.  I believe everyone deserves a chance, I believe in 2nd chances, however I believe chances should not be infinite.  I believe in taking educated chances.
I value values, time, freedom and friendships.  I have a love for nature, music, art, and sports… If you catch me sneaking out early some Sunday there’s a good possibility I’m off to a tennis game.

I love God, family, and people (and yes I consider my dog a person).

I believe I’m blessed to be a part of Aldersgate!