Business People Working With Technology



So, recently our family got a new addition. Her name is Alexa and we love having her around the house! I’m guessing some of you have an Alexa in your house too. Of course, when I speak of Alexa I am referring to a digital assistant from Amazon. These digital assistants have become incredibly popular lately. You can ask them informational questions, get news updates, and even control smart devices around the house. A necessity? No, but definitely very cool.

There is a catch, though. To be of any use, they have to be connected. They use your wifi connection to get all of that information. They connect to your smart home devices through the wifi. So, as long as your wifi is working everything is good. However, if the wifi goes down, so does Alexa. No jokes. No questions answered. No smart home devices. How barbaric!

There is an important truth in here for all of us. We need to stay connected. No, not to the internet (Ok, that one is debatable). We need to be connected to one another. Its when we are connected that we better learn and understand. It is when we are connected that we encourage and are encouraged. Life is better connected.

I happen to believe this was Jesus’ vision for the church. The church should be a hub where people are connected to God and to one another. That connection gives us strength and hope… that connection is life.

Its amazing how in this world where we almost are always connected that we can get so disconnected. Next time you lose your internet connection, let that be a reminder of how important it is that we stay connected to one another.

Pastor Chris