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A Part of the Community

A Part of the Community

This morning had an interesting start for me. Bright and early, I attended the grand opening of the new Walmart here in the community. It was there that I experienced two “firsts:” blessing a Walmart and a giant cardboard check. Let me explain. A couple of months ago one of the manager’s of the new Walmart contacted us and invited me to give a blessing at the grand opening. Giving a blessing at a new Walmart is not something you think about every day or, honestly, something you think about ever! Still, I accepted the invitation. The manager also spoke to us about grant opportunities and sent us the application.

Back to this morning. I gathered with city officials, the local high school band and cheerleaders, the store employees, and more for the grand opening ceremonies. Right after the national anthem, I offered a prayer of thanksgiving and blessing for new possibilities and for our community. A little later, I was presented a giant cardboard check for the amount of $1000 to help pay for our new playground. After learning of the check, someone said to me, “That must have been some prayer!” I don’t know about that, but it was a good morning.

Here is the most important part to me and the main reason I accepted the invitation: community. I truly believe that the church needs to be, HAS to be and active part of the community. To me, that’s what this morning was truly about. Much more so than a new Walmart opening, it was about our community. Over the last several months, I have made it a priority for our church to participate in the community. In addition to the Walmart event, we have hosted a nearby homeowners association brunch with approximately 125 people. We’re in conversations with a number of groups about using our gym. We have offered free parents night out events. And this is just the beginning.

I love living in and being a part of this community. Even more, I love being a part of a church that is an active part of this community.

Pastor Chris