One Year Later

One Year Later

One Year Later…

As the first half of 2017 comes to a close, so does another important milestone: one full year for me as the lead pastor here at Aldersgate. A year ago I remember many people asking me, “Did you really ask to come to Aldersgate?” I replied over and over that not only did I ask, but my wife and I truly believed that this is where we belonged. A year later and I still have no doubts. I am truly honored and joy filled to be the pastor here.

It has been quite a year, both personally and professionally. This year has seen a move for my family that included buying a house and transitioning my youngest to a new school. I sent another child off to college. My wife went back to the work force after several years of being a stay at home mom. There was also loss as my mother passed away last August. It has been a full year.

When it comes to the church, I can’t even begin to cover all that we have accomplished together in this first year. When I was appointed, I created a set of goals and a plan that I hoped we could accomplish in three to five years. We have already blown through that list! We have reached the majority of the goals and exceeded others. What a great time to be a part of Aldersgate UMC!

I hope you will be in worship this Sunday (June 25) as we share a time of looking back and moving forward. I plan to use part of the message time to review the last year and look ahead at what is coming in the next year. I know I am looking forward it and I hope you are too.

Pastor Chris